RTC MISSION: to spread awareness & keep the trails clean!

Trashed off-road trails, campsites, and outdoor recreation areas are becoming a common issue. Frequently seeing trash in the great outdoors led to the creation of RTC (Redwolf Trash Crew) to encourage other off-road enthusiasts to help clean up. RTC is a group for those who enjoy getting out and exploring the outdoors. Those who represent RTC take the responsibility of keeping the great outdoors clean wherever they go explore, and leaving it better than they found it.


The mission of RTC is to spread awareness and keep the outdoors clean. A lot of people aren’t able to join large trail cleanup groups in their area on a regular basis. RTC gives everyone an opportunity to feel like part of a trail cleanup group whenever they go out exploring. Representing RTC is about having responsibility, integrity and a desire to make the great outdoors better for everyone to enjoy. Do your part and help keep the trails clean!

Join RTC

RTC is a group for everyone no matter where you are located. Help spread awareness and encourage others to clean up the great outdoors!

  • Follow the Instagram (redwolftrashcrew), post a picture of your trail cleanup efforts, tag redwolftrashcrew and use the hashtag #redwolftrashcrew. Your post will be shared, and you will be sent an RTC sticker in the mail!
  • OR if you do not have Instagram you can email your trail cleanup pictures to redwolftrashcrew@gmail.com, your picture will be shared on the website and you will be sent an RTC sticker in the mail!
  • Proudly display the RTC sticker! You are part of the group and making a difference!

Contact: redwolftrashcrew@gmail.com